Commit 51f96f64 authored by Thomas Lübking's avatar Thomas Lübking
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invoke decorationRect() in calculations for visibleRect()

BUG: 299358
FIXED-IN: 4.9.0
REVIEW: 104865
parent 69d67d63
......@@ -147,10 +147,11 @@ void Toplevel::disownDataPassedToDeleted()
QRect Toplevel::visibleRect() const
QRect r = decorationRect();
if (hasShadow() && !shadow()->shadowRegion().isEmpty()) {
return shadow()->shadowRegion().boundingRect().translated(geometry().topLeft());
r |= shadow()->shadowRegion().boundingRect();
return geometry();
return r.translated(geometry().topLeft());
NET::WindowType Toplevel::windowType(bool direct, int supported_types) const
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