Commit 612f324f authored by Martin Flöser's avatar Martin Flöser
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Drop unused bindAttribute Location function.

parent 6b9367cc
......@@ -1087,12 +1087,6 @@ float GLShader::textureWidth()
return mTextureWidth;
void GLShader::bindAttributeLocation(int index, const char* name)
glBindAttribLocation(mProgram, index, name);
// TODO: relink the shader
QMatrix4x4 GLShader::getUniformMatrix4x4(const char* name)
int location = uniformLocation(name);
......@@ -249,15 +249,6 @@ class KWIN_EXPORT GLShader
bool setUniform(const char* name, const QColor& color);
int attributeLocation(const char* name);
bool setAttribute(const char* name, float value);
* Binds an attribute location for this shader.
* The rendering pipeline assumes vertices to be bound to index 0
* and texcoords to index 1.
* @param index the index of the location to be bound
* @param name the name of the attribute
* @since 4.7
void bindAttributeLocation(int index, const char* name);
* @return The value of the uniform as a matrix
* @since 4.7
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