Commit 67a3129f authored by Martin Klapetek's avatar Martin Klapetek
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[Kickoff] Disable layoutChange signals; fixes Kickoff's navigation

The breadcrumb issues still remain, apparently it happens because
ListModel is unable to store QVariant(QModelIndex).

CCBUG: 328654
parent 58f28799
......@@ -430,11 +430,18 @@ void ApplicationModel::fetchMore(const QModelIndex &parent)
emit layoutAboutToBeChanged();
// FIXME? QML's QQmlAdaptorModel (the "backend" used for VisualDataModel) always hard-resets
// the model when the source model (this one) changes layout, which breaks kickoff's
// navigation as opening a category for the first time calls this and then calls
// layoutChanged() --> QML's VisualDataModel is reset, that in turn invalidates
// VDM's rootIndex and when that happens, Kickoff is switched to the root level.
// Disabling the layout signals makes Kickoff's navigation work properly.
// emit layoutAboutToBeChanged(QList<QPersistentModelIndex>() << parent);
d->fillNode(node->relPath, node);
node->fetched = true;
emit layoutChanged();
changePersistentIndex(parent, parent);
// changePersistentIndex(parent, parent);
// emit layoutChanged(QList<QPersistentModelIndex>() << parent);
bool ApplicationModel::hasChildren(const QModelIndex &parent) const
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