Commit 8dc83766 authored by Christoph Feck's avatar Christoph Feck Committed by Aaron J. Seigo
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Re-apply minute hand caching optimization

(also re-apply lost commit 1041099d)
CCBUG: 307998
parent 880a4a77
......@@ -152,7 +152,10 @@ void Clock::dataUpdated(const QString& source, const Plasma::DataEngine::Data &d
m_time = data["Time"].toTime();
m_repaintCache = RepaintHands;
if (m_time.minute() != lastTimeSeen().minute() && m_repaintCache == RepaintNone) {
m_repaintCache = RepaintHands;
if (Plasma::ToolTipManager::self()->isVisible(this)) {
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