Commit 8f22950a authored by Thomas Lübking's avatar Thomas Lübking
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Update decoration buttons when motif hint on the closability changes

BUG: 246422
parent cd1d33f8
......@@ -2003,9 +2003,12 @@ void Client::getMotifHints()
// mminimize; - Ignore, bogus - E.g. shading or sending to another desktop is "minimizing" too
// mmaximize; - Ignore, bogus - Maximizing is basically just resizing
const bool closabilityChanged = motif_may_close != mclose;
motif_may_close = mclose; // Motif apps like to crash when they set this hint and WM closes them anyway
if (isManaged())
updateDecoration(true); // Check if noborder state has changed
if (decoration && closabilityChanged)
void Client::readIcons(Window win, QPixmap* icon, QPixmap* miniicon, QPixmap* bigicon, QPixmap* hugeicon)
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