Commit d510616e authored by Thomas Lübking's avatar Thomas Lübking

depend noborder on motif_noborder after reshape

app_noborder shall be the determined noborder (shape, type)
but relevant noborder shall be determined by rules and respect the
motif hint

BUG: 330573
FIXED-IN: 4.11.6
REVIEW: 115402
parent aa179e25
......@@ -718,7 +718,8 @@ void Client::updateShape()
} else if (app_noborder) {
xcb_shape_mask(connection(), XCB_SHAPE_SO_SET, XCB_SHAPE_SK_BOUNDING, frameId(), 0, 0, XCB_PIXMAP_NONE);
app_noborder = noborder = rules()->checkNoBorder(noborder);
app_noborder = noborder;
noborder = rules()->checkNoBorder(noborder || motif_noborder);
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