Commit e8fb7cd1 authored by Thomas Lübking's avatar Thomas Lübking
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don't shortcut Above restacks

just because we're above the sibling.
There could be another sibling to get below.

BUG: 313909
REVIEW: 108609
FIXED-IN: 4.11
parent 04da3659
......@@ -756,8 +756,6 @@ void Client::restackWindow(Window above, int detail, NET::RequestSource src, Tim
ToplevelList::const_iterator it = workspace()->stackingOrder().constEnd(),
begin = workspace()->stackingOrder().constBegin();
while (--it != begin) {
if (*it == this)
return; // we're already above
if (*it == other) { // the other one is top on stack
it = begin; // invalidate
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