Commit f7f04491 authored by Rohan Garg's avatar Rohan Garg
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Minor fixup to take into account the old 'simplelauncher' in the panel

REVIEWED-BY: Marco Martin
parent 9bd47330
......@@ -34,6 +34,11 @@ if (!findWidgets('org.kde.showActivityManager')) {
var found = false
for (i in panels) {
found = findWidgetsIn(panels[i], 'launcher')
// Also check for the old style simplelauncher
if (!found) {
found = findWidgetsIn(panels[i], 'simplelauncher')
if (found) {
var showWidget = panels[i].addWidget("org.kde.showActivityManager")
showWidget.index = found.index + 1;
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