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  3. 28 Mar, 2014 26 commits
    • David Edmundson's avatar
      Keep ActivityBrowser functions self contained · ababa4ad
      David Edmundson authored
      Previous patch added a function in Desktop.qml to tell the Dialogs'
      content when the dialog had closed.
      This causes errors when other items are loaded and is genereally messy.
      Instead connect from within ActivityManager
    • Alex Merry's avatar
      [kwin] Adapt to KPluginFactory change · d6aac368
      Alex Merry authored
      KPluginFactory's constructor no longer takes arguments, since plugin
      root objects are not passed any arguments.
    • Marco Martin's avatar
      require the local copy of kdecorationfactory.h · c66343d8
      Marco Martin authored
      HACK: with
       #include <kdecorationfactory.h>
      it consistently fails with isolated builds, since moc always tries to use the installed one.
      this will have to be reverted as soon the split is done
    • David Edmundson's avatar
      Disable toolbox item buttons when animating in/out · e0bdf30c
      David Edmundson authored
      BUG: 332747
    • Marco Martin's avatar
      resize with implicitSize when returns horizontal · 89be1bbb
      Marco Martin authored
    • David Edmundson's avatar
    • David Edmundson's avatar
      Fix binding loop in WidgetExplorer · d13d586d
      David Edmundson authored
      Also tidy up margins a bit
    • Marco Martin's avatar
      fix sizing in vertical panels · 1e276847
      Marco Martin authored
    • Marco Martin's avatar
      search for kactivities · 8a110e16
      Marco Martin authored
      some plasmoids like the pager depend optionally from them and wouldn't be built without
    • Bhushan Shah's avatar
      trash(qml) -> Trashcan · 7ebae1ff
      Bhushan Shah authored
      QML is too mainstream
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Add a new EffectLoader · eb5f8e50
      Martin Flöser authored
      The EffectLoader is a subclass of AbstractEffectLoader delegating all
      methods to instances of:
      * BuiltInEffectLoader
      * ScriptedEffectLoader
      * PluginEffectLoader
      It's used by the EffectsHandlerImpl and replaces the complete Effect
      loading mechanism we so far found in it. This also means that KLibrary
      is no longer needed to load the Effects as the PluginEffectLoader uses
      the KPluginTrader, which removes lots of deprecated functionality.
      REVIEW: 117054
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Add a PluginEffectLoader · 458afb7a
      Martin Flöser authored
      This is a specialized subclass of AbstractEffectLoader to load binary
      effect plugins. It used the KPluginTrader to find all candidates to load.
      The loader is able to detect incorrect ABI versions through the
      pluginVersion() and uses the methods exposed by the new
      KWin::EffectPluginFactory to check whether the Effect is supported and
      should be enabled by default.
      The unit test for this loader comes with two plugins: one is able to be
      loaded and provides a supported and enabledByDefault method which can be
      tweaked during the test to get all the conditions we want to test for.
      The second plugin uses an incorrect plugin version and thus cannot get
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Add a KPluginFactory subclass for loading binary Effects · 6aba3949
      Martin Flöser authored
      A KWin::EffectPluginFactory is introduced which provides a specialized
      create method and methods for the supported and enabledByDefault checks.
      A set of KWIN_EFFECT_FACTORY macros are added which create a subclass
      of this EffectPluginFactory following the approach from the
      KPluginFactory macros. The macros only support json metadata thus the
      QPluginTrader needs to be used.
      The KWIN_EFFECT macros are removed as they are no longer needed.
      KWin Core's loader is not yet adjusted to this change. This is a
      preparation step for introducing a PluginEffectLoader.
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Add a virtual Effect::requestedEffectChainPosition · 09fdf20d
      Martin Flöser authored
      This method replaces the X-KDE-ORDERING property in the Effect's desktop
      files. This change is a preparation step for integrating the new Effect
      Loader which doesn't read the ordering information. Thus it needs to be
      provided by the Effect itself so that the EffectsHandler can properly
      insert it into the chain.
      Also for the built-in Effects on the long run it doesn't make much sense
      to install the desktop files. And binary plugin effects will migrate to
      json metadata which also doesn't have the KService::Ptr. Thus overall it
      simplifies to read this information directly from the Effect.
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Move finding of scripted effect source file to ScriptedEffect · b47495b3
      Martin Flöser authored
      New ScriptedEffect::create(KService::Ptr). This is a preparation for
      adding the ordering directly to the Effect.
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Add a ScriptedEffectLoader · 0615adb5
      Martin Flöser authored
      This implementation of the AbstractEffectLoader is able to to load the
      scripted KWin Effects. It uses KServiceTypeTrader to find all the
      candidates to load.
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Introduce a new Effect Loading mechanism · 9c8b9ba7
      Martin Flöser authored
      Effect loading gets split by the kind of effects KWin supports:
      * Built-In Effects
      * Scripted Effects
      * Binary Plugin Effects
      For this a new AbstractEffectLoader is added which will have several
      * BuiltInEffectLoader
      * ScriptedEffectLoader
      * PluginEffectLoader
      * EffectLoader
      The EffectLoader will be what the EffectsHandlerImpl is using and it just
      delegates to the three other types of loaders. Thus the handler doesn't
      need to care about the different kinds of effects. The loading is
      supposed to be completely async and the EffectLoader emits a signal
      whenever an Effect got loaded. The EffectsHandlerImpl is supposed to
      connect to this signal and insert it into its own Effect management.
      Unloading is not performed by the loader, but by the EffectsHandler.
      There is one important change which needs to be implemented: the ordering
      cannot be provided by the loader and thus needs to be added to the
      Effects directly.
      So far only the BuiltInEffectsLoader is implemented. It's not yet
      integrated into the EffectsHandlerImpl, but a unit test is added which
      tries to perform the various operations provided by the loader and the
      BuiltInEffects. The test should cover all cases except the Check Default
      functionality which is only used by Blur and Contrast effects. This
      cannot be mocked yet as the GLPlatform doesn't allow mocking yet.
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Add enabledByDefault boolean value to the BuiltInEffects · 6c84d198
      Martin Flöser authored
      For each effect the value from the desktop file is added. This will
      allow to query all effects which need to be loaded without looking for
      the service files.
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Rename BuiltInEffects::enabledByDefault to checkEnabledByDefault · 46148a3e
      Martin Flöser authored
      The functionality is to check whether the effect should be enabled by
      default. It's not about whether the effect is enabled by default. This
      is also needed as it's currently still taken from the plugin data.
    • Martin Flöser's avatar
      [kwin] Define an enum for all the built in effects · c66df8f7
      Martin Flöser authored
      For each effect there is an enum value. The internal mapping of effect to
      create, supported and checkDefault is switched to the enum value, though
      the methods for the name based variants are still available.
    • Marco Martin's avatar
      on vertical panel always show text · 56fcbe8d
      Marco Martin authored
    • Marco Martin's avatar
      hide button text when too wide · 39e1575a
      Marco Martin authored
      fixes appearance when the screen res is very low
      or the text is very long (hello, german:)
    • Bhushan Shah's avatar
      Try using OpenGL2 compositor on the Intel i915 and newer chipsets. · 8463f160
      Bhushan Shah authored
      If it causes problem it can be still reverted
      REVIEW: 117053
    • Marco Martin's avatar
      the mouseEventListener is the parent · 2d95ebaf
      Marco Martin authored
      Proper solution to 332678: don't change z ordering, but change the child hyerarchy
    • Marco Martin's avatar
      Revert "Change z-indexing on mouseareas" · 52da1ebe
      Marco Martin authored
      This reverts commit 88d9a643.
    • Alex Richardson's avatar
      Don't include xkbcommon/xkbcommon.h in input.h, forward-declare instead · feb4c552
      Alex Richardson authored
      Some systems (e.g. openSuSE) don't install the xkbcommon header into
      /usr/include/xkbcommon/xkbcommon.h (which is always in the include path),
      but instead into a subdirectory, which is in the openSuSE case
      /usr/include/pkg/libxkbcommon/xkbcommon/xkbcommon.h. This means that e.g.
      kcm_kwinrules will not compile there since it includes input.h
      REVIEW: 117069
  4. 27 Mar, 2014 6 commits