Commit 0851c64b authored by Andrea Iacovitti's avatar Andrea Iacovitti

This code path is never executed.

Font here could only be initial|inherit|system-font because on how we parse this property.
parent e069333b
......@@ -4027,25 +4027,7 @@ void CSSStyleSelector::applyRule( int id, DOM::CSSValueImpl *value )
fontDef.size = m_fontSizes[3];
fontDirty |= style->setFontDef(fontDef);
} else if ( value->isFontValue() ) {
FontValueImpl *font = static_cast<FontValueImpl *>(value);
if ( !font->style || !font->variant || !font->weight ||
!font->size || !font->lineHeight || !font->family )
applyRule( CSS_PROP_FONT_STYLE, font->style );
applyRule( CSS_PROP_FONT_VARIANT, font->variant );
applyRule( CSS_PROP_FONT_WEIGHT, font->weight );
applyRule( CSS_PROP_FONT_SIZE, font->size );
// Line-height can depend on font().pixelSize(), so we have to update the font
// before we evaluate line-height, e.g., font: 1em/1em. FIXME: Still not
// good enough: style="font:1em/1em; font-size:36px" should have a line-height of 36px.
if (fontDirty)
applyRule( CSS_PROP_LINE_HEIGHT, font->lineHeight );
applyRule( CSS_PROP_FONT_FAMILY, font->family );
} else if (primitiveValue) {
} else if (primitiveValue) {
// Handle system fonts. We extract out properties from a QFont
// into the RenderStyle.
QFont f;
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