Commit 2fdcbe84 authored by Dawit Alemayehu's avatar Dawit Alemayehu
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By default support only NTLMv1 like other browsers. However, make it possible

for users to manually enable the usage of NTLMv2 authentication by adding a
"EnableNTLMv2Auth=true" flag to either one of the following to configuration files:

$KDEHOME/share/config/kioslaverc OR

Note this setting like every other ioslave setting can be set on a per site
basis by adding the parameter to a host specific section instead of the global
one. For example,


CCBUG: 232626

(cherry picked from commit f79aacfc)
parent 15a02e74
......@@ -607,8 +607,13 @@ void KHttpNtlmAuthentication::generateResponse(const QString &_user, const QStri
m_forceKeepAlive = true;
const QByteArray challenge = QByteArray::fromBase64(m_challenge[0]);
if (!KNTLM::getAuth(buf, challenge, user, password, domain, QHostInfo::localHostName(),
(KNTLM::Force_V1 | KNTLM::Add_LM))) {
KNTLM::AuthFlags flags = KNTLM::Add_LM;
if (!m_config || !m_config->readEntry("EnableNTLMv2Auth", false)) {
flags |= KNTLM::Force_V1;
if (!KNTLM::getAuth(buf, challenge, user, password, domain, QHostInfo::localHostName(), flags)) {
kWarning(7113) << "Error while constructing Type 3 NTLM authentication request";
m_isError = true;
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