Commit 6a388eae authored by Dawit Alemayehu's avatar Dawit Alemayehu
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Show proper error message message when a user attempts to access non-existent

files or directories.

BUG: 249131
FIXED-IN: 4.7.0
parent b8ae9078
......@@ -661,8 +661,8 @@ KIO_EXPORT QByteArray KIO::rawErrorDetail(int errorCode, const QString &errorTex
errorName = i18n( "File or Folder Does Not Exist" );
description = i18n( "The specified file or folder <strong>%1</strong> "
"does not exist." , path );
causes << cBug;
solutions << sUpdate << sSysadmin;
causes << cExists;
solutions << sExists;
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