Commit 6c195c5e authored by Andrea Iacovitti's avatar Andrea Iacovitti

Return resolved url for frame src.

parent 9c49a28a
......@@ -231,7 +231,8 @@ void HTMLFrameElement::setScrolling( const DOMString &value )
DOMString HTMLFrameElement::src() const
if(!impl) return DOMString();
return ((ElementImpl *)impl)->getAttribute(ATTR_SRC);
const QString s = ((ElementImpl *)impl)->getAttribute(ATTR_SRC).string().trimmed();
return !s.isNull() ? impl->document()->completeURL(s) : DOMString();
void HTMLFrameElement::setSrc( const DOMString &value )
......@@ -1551,7 +1551,7 @@ const KJS::HTMLElement::BoundPropInfo KJS::HTMLElement::bpTable[] = {
{ID_FRAME, FrameName, T_String, ATTR_NAME},
{ID_FRAME, FrameNoResize, T_Bool, ATTR_NORESIZE},
{ID_FRAME, FrameScrolling, T_String, ATTR_SCROLLING},
{ID_FRAME, FrameSrc, T_String, ATTR_SRC}, //### not URL?
{ID_FRAME, FrameLocation, BoundPropType(T_String | T_ReadOnly), ATTR_SRC},
{ID_IFRAME, IFrameFrameBorder, T_String, ATTR_FRAMEBORDER},
{ID_IFRAME, IFrameLongDesc, T_String, ATTR_LONGDESC},
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