Commit 6f6a4933 authored by Maks Orlovich's avatar Maks Orlovich
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Fix cloning of checkboxes.

... And with it element-cloning method in jQuery 1.5, which was
making us hit IE-specific path due to the bug. Showed up in particular
on Doodle wizard, and kde-look thumbs.

parent 92db24ad
......@@ -1541,6 +1541,9 @@ void HTMLInputElementImpl::copyNonAttributeProperties(const ElementImpl* source)
m_value = e->m_value;
m_checked = e->m_checked;
m_defaultChecked = e->m_checked;
m_useDefaultChecked = e->m_defaultChecked;
m_indeterminate = e->m_indeterminate;
// ### copy more?
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