Commit 92db24ad authored by Maks Orlovich's avatar Maks Orlovich
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Fix the job-on-hold reuse logic, which caused the double-POST problem)

adawit, could you please at least READ what you're backporting if you are
going to be this aggressive? Or better yet, please don't backport anything
that's not fixing a critical bug or is trivial, as per:

BUG: 272466
parent 67957a46
......@@ -1151,7 +1151,7 @@ Slave *SchedulerPrivate::heldSlaveForJob(SimpleJob *job)
bool canJobReuse = (cmd == CMD_GET || cmd == CMD_MULTI_GET);
if (KIO::TransferJob *tJob = qobject_cast<KIO::TransferJob *>(job)) {
canJobReuse = cmd == (canJobReuse || cmd == CMD_SPECIAL);
canJobReuse = (canJobReuse || cmd == CMD_SPECIAL);
if (canJobReuse) {
KIO::MetaData outgoing = tJob->outgoingMetaData();
const QString resume = outgoing.value("resume");
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