Commit cbb00bae authored by Dawit Alemayehu's avatar Dawit Alemayehu Committed by Sebastian Trueg
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Avoid using a nested event loops for synchronous XMLHttpRequest by letting

Qt's networking code, which can block without a need for a local event loop,
deal with such requests.

BUG: 287778
CCBUG: 231932
FIXED-IN: 4.8.0
parent d9e93436
......@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@
#include <QtCore/QUrl>
#include <QtGui/QWidget>
#include <QtCore/QEventLoop>
#include <QtCore/QWeakPointer>
#include <QtDBus/QDBusInterface>
#include <QtDBus/QDBusConnection>
......@@ -210,6 +209,20 @@ void AccessManager::setEmitReadyReadOnMetaDataChange(bool enable)
QNetworkReply *AccessManager::createRequest(Operation op, const QNetworkRequest &req, QIODevice *outgoingData)
* WORKAROUND: Since there is no way to do a synchronous KIO request
* without creating a nested event loop and creating such a loop here is
* the surest way to encounter the inherent flaws of creating such loops,
* i.e. crashes (bug# 287778), we let Qt's networking layer handle such
* requests because it can block without the need for nested event loops.
* The only consequence of doing this is the HTTP response will never be
* cached since it won't be handled by kio_http.
if (req.attribute(gSynchronousNetworkRequestAttribute).toBool()) {
return QNetworkAccessManager::createRequest(op, req, outgoingData);
KIO::SimpleJob *kioJob = 0;
const KUrl reqUrl (req.url());
......@@ -324,17 +337,6 @@ QNetworkReply *AccessManager::createRequest(Operation op, const QNetworkRequest
// Create the reply...
KDEPrivate::AccessManagerReply *reply = new KDEPrivate::AccessManagerReply(op, req, kioJob, d->emitReadReadOnMetaDataChange, this);
* NOTE: Since QtWebkit >= v2.2 no longer spins in its own even loop, we
* are forced to create our own local event loop here to handle the very
* rare but still in use synchronous XHR calls, e.g.
if (req.attribute(gSynchronousNetworkRequestAttribute).toBool()) {
QEventLoop eventLoop;
connect (reply, SIGNAL(finished()), &eventLoop, SLOT(quit()));
if (ignoreContentDisposition) {
kDebug(7044) << "Content-Disposition WILL BE IGNORED!";
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