Commit fcbfec8c authored by Waldo Bastian's avatar Waldo Bastian
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Fix frame regression (BR84352)

svn path=/branches/KDE_3_0_BRANCH/kdelibs/; revision=336811
parent 6e00589f
......@@ -3108,7 +3108,7 @@ void KHTMLPart::slotChildCompleted( bool complete )
void KHTMLPart::slotChildURLRequest( const KURL &url, const KParts::URLArgs &args )
khtml::ChildFrame *child = frame( sender()->parent() );
KHTMLPart *callingHtmlPart = const_cast<KHTMLPart *>(dynamic_cast<const KHTMLPart *>(sender()));
KHTMLPart *callingHtmlPart = const_cast<KHTMLPart *>(dynamic_cast<const KHTMLPart *>(sender()->parent()));
QString frameName = args.frameName.lower();
if ( !frameName.isEmpty() )
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