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      Make sure that SSL metadata always gets from the ioslave all the way to the · 4581120f
      Andreas Hartmetz authored
      KIO::Job in the application. The main problems were:
      - Redirections
      - The slave-on-hold mechanism to hand over slaves from app (well, KRun) to app.
      Redirections are solved by caching SSL metadata in the application-side
      SlaveInterface object and sending it to any new job connecting to the slave.
      Slave-on-hold is solved by caching the information in TCPSlaveBase and sending
      it when the ioslave reconnects to the new application. A hook was added for
      What may or may not have aggravated the previous broken state was that the
      "ssl_in_use" metadata was not stored with other ssl_* metadata in TCPSlaveBase.
      BUG: 220243
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/; revision=1170756
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      assert -> Q_ASSERT · a21b9cbe
      Andreas Hartmetz authored
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/; revision=1170609
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      Allow kio jobs total size to decrease · 0460f7e1
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      Currently kio jobs only emit/accept new total sizes when the size given is bigger than the previous one, this is probably OK for most of the cases, but for the audiocd:/ kioslave it is not, because the audiocd:/ ioslave is basically estimating all the time the size the final encoded file will have and most of the time it overestimates at the beginning so it emits new smaller totalsizes while it's progressing, but as kio jobs ignore that you usually end up with a file that "ends" at 50%
      Acked by dfaure
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/; revision=1119162
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      Commit my sok project that has been laying around for a while. Shows an... · ecb43e55
      Shaun Reich authored
      Commit my sok project that has been laying around for a while. Shows an overlay on a file's icon, that a KIO job is being performed (e.g download/copy/move) on that same file/folder. Helps in associating regular job notifications with the file managers. If something has broken in KIO wrt job notifications (poke me), it's probably this. Not to say that I didn't test it a lot, just that there could be unforeseen consequences. Feature requires a simple kdirmodel && kfileitemdelegate call to be made to enable it. also note: KIO jobs talk directly to kuiserver, the latter of which acts as a relay to anything interested in that information.(inseparable from workspace & runtime previous commit)
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/; revision=1104957
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      New scheduler based on QMaps instead of lists to find stuff. It also generally · 81c328cc
      Andreas Hartmetz authored
      puts stuff where it intends to find it later instead of figuring out everything
      again and again on every job start or other operation.
      Per host and per protocol connection limits are enabled by default and there
      is no way to turn them off, currently. There are now twenty priority levels
      for jobs. Hopefully KHTML and friends can put them to good use and ditch their
      own scheduling code more or less.
      A regression is that deadlocks due to the limited connection numbers are
      currently possible, but this is fixable. This has not caused me any problems
      so far.
      On the upside, a 100% CPU usage while not loading pages bug that has been
      reported on IRC should be fixed.
      Here is the list of commits I kept in git-svn:
      - First checkin of new scheduler code
      - fix the build
      - Add SerialPicker, remove a lot of old code
      - Start connected slaves implementation
      - some more work on finishing a job, removed a lot of old code
      - start work on staggered starting of jobs
      - some work on creating slaves and starting jobs
      - squirrels [edit: this added a method originally called
        doPleaseFetchRareSquirrelPorn() which is now called startAJob :)]
      - More work on connected slaves, some cleanups, compile
      - compile: run moc on both scheduler.cpp and scheduler.h
      - different names for different things
      - more work on connected ioslaves. maybe 60% there now...
      - fix a few of the first crashes found during real testing
      - Implement allSlaves() everywhere to account for all slaves, plus small stuff
      - Reap idle slaves
      - Delete all slaves when shutting down, hopefully
      - Delete *and kill* all slaves when shutting down
      - Set pid to zero after kill so we only kill something once!
      - Maybe-finished connected slave support, some cleanup
      - Move "internal" class definitions to private header file
      - Initialize idle time variable of ioslave
      - start idle time when slave starts idling
      - Simplify the scattered job-done logic, kill more slaves
      - Observe per host and per protocol connection number limits. Yay!
      - Use provided job argument, do not try to get the job from the slave which
        will not work.
      - Make removeSlave() work, hopefully
      - compile
      - Add much debug output, remove job from regular queue when assigning to
        connected slave.
      - Fix removing jobs and robustify host connection limits logic
      - Fix connected slave starting and removal; involves not taking the running job
        off the list.
      - Implement changeJobPriority(), add more checks to
      - Fix checking whether the job has a properly assigned serial number, and make
        scheduleJob() decrease (not increase) the logical priority
      - Oops, I did not want to commit this include addition.
      - Always set the slave's job to null when finishing the job one way or another
      - Sort out the putSlaveOnHold / finishing a job twice mess
      - Add diagnostic code and fix job accounting bug due to changing URL
      - Use the new KProtocolInfo::maxSlavesPerHost(). Cool!
      - compile -_-
      - In "release"  mode, omit an assertion that may fail due to a rare non-error.
      - Improve comment about "fake death" of on-hold slaves
      - Improve again comment about "fake death" of on-hold slaves
      - Ensure that maxSlavesPerHost is compatible with maxSlaves
      - debug output to see why jobs don't start, and make sure that connection
        limits are always > 0.
      - Remove useless comment
      - Possibly correct version of "held slaves" assignment to jobs.
      - Remove unused debug_info() method
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/; revision=1075343
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      krazy fixes · b7772270
      John Layt authored
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/; revision=1056250
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