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    • Stefan Brüns's avatar
      cleanup overlay icon usage · 9ba9651c
      Stefan Brüns authored
      The locked overlay should be added also for directories, as there is no
      distinct "unreadable directory" icon.
      No overlay icon for "gzip files with .gz file ending", there is a
      mimetype icon for gzip files.
      Backport of 877fdcd9fcbdf8267ce509d8918e5cb5a1a455aa from kio
      CCBUG: 339193
      REVIEW: 120606
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    • Andrea Iacovitti's avatar
      Remove potentially surrounding spaces from href value, as per spec. · 75cec863
      Andrea Iacovitti authored
      If href is null or empty completeURL return the document url and we end up
      to request the document itself for a stylesheet or favicon.
    • Simon Bachmann's avatar
      KUrlRequester: fixing handling of start directory · 010c241d
      Simon Bachmann authored
      The handling of the start directory in the KUrlRequester was only halfway implemented:
      - m_startDir (the private field holding the start directory) is not initialised - the default value of startDir() is an empty URL instead of the current working dir.
      - when the start dir changes, it is not always passed to the KUrlCompletion object of the lineedit. The suggestions showed when entering a relative path into the LineEdit might be wrong as a consequence.
      - when selecting a file, the start directory does not change to the directory of the selected file - the API doc says it should.
      - when the user entered a relative path into the LineEdit, url() returns a relative path instead of an absolute one.
      BUG: 92237
      REVIEW: 119014
      FIXED-IN: 4.14.3
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    • André Wöbbeking's avatar
      Sometimes when the system has high IO load (e. g. copying huge files or compiling and linking) · c71ae727
      André Wöbbeking authored
      some KDE apps become unresponsive. This seems to be caused by KDE's internal sockets created 
      in /tmp which is normally on the same block device as the ongoing IO traffic. 
      With this patch the sockets are created in the folder XDG_RUNTIME_DIR points to. On "current" 
      systems this folder is mounted with the tmpfs file system. So the sockets aren't affected by 
      high IO load anymore.
      In frameworks QStandardPaths is used which does the same, so there is no need to port it.
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  24. 24 Sep, 2014 2 commits
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      make meinproc test work before running make install · a1efbd83
      Harald Sitter authored
      this is achieved by using --srcdir on meinproc5 to define the path where
      to look for the customization directory
      note: builddir/customization is populated by the relevant install
      macros in the kdoctools directory
      BUG: 339299
      FIXED-IN: 4.14.2
    • Ian Wadham's avatar
      REVIEW: 119497. Fix KCrash not to crash internally on Apple OS X. · fdfa6149
      Ian Wadham authored
      Closing all file descriptors prematurely causes an Apple OS X library
      to crash and KCrash to terminate without starting Dr Konqi. There is
      also a temporary fix to avoid starting Dr K via kdeinit4 on Apple OS X,
      which fails because kdeinit4 (on OSX) is listening on the wrong socket.
  25. 21 Sep, 2014 1 commit