Use dbus system bus name instead of PID for authentication.

Using the PID for authentication is prone to a PID reuse
race condition, and a security issue.

REVIEW: 119323
parent d32b5299
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ void Polkit1Backend::setupAction(const QString &action)
Action::AuthStatus Polkit1Backend::actionStatus(const QString &action)
PolkitQt1::UnixProcessSubject subject(QCoreApplication::applicationPid());
PolkitQt1::SystemBusNameSubject subject(QString::fromUtf8(callerID()));
PolkitQt1::Authority::Result r = PolkitQt1::Authority::instance()->checkAuthorizationSync(action, subject,
switch (r) {
......@@ -160,21 +160,12 @@ Action::AuthStatus Polkit1Backend::actionStatus(const QString &action)
QByteArray Polkit1Backend::callerID() const
QByteArray a;
QDataStream s(&a, QIODevice::WriteOnly);
s << QCoreApplication::applicationPid();
return a;
return QDBusConnection::systemBus().baseService().toUtf8();
bool Polkit1Backend::isCallerAuthorized(const QString &action, QByteArray callerID)
QDataStream s(&callerID, QIODevice::ReadOnly);
qint64 pid;
s >> pid;
PolkitQt1::UnixProcessSubject subject(pid);
PolkitQt1::SystemBusNameSubject subject(QString::fromUtf8(callerID));
PolkitQt1::Authority *authority = PolkitQt1::Authority::instance();
PolkitResultEventLoop e;
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