Commit 07652c9c authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter Committed by Laurent Montel
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calendarsupport/utils.cpp - support kolab_resource and kolabproxy

fixes display name for when using kolab_resource
also handle a couple other new situations when shared calendars
are put under another level of nesting.

CHERRY-PICK: everywhere
(cherry picked from commit 0075ee03)
parent ae2d3944
......@@ -525,7 +525,7 @@ QString CalendarSupport::displayName(Akonadi::ETMCalendar *calendar, const Akona
const QString resourceName = fullCollection.resource();
// Kolab Groupware
if (resourceName.contains(QStringLiteral("kolabproxy"))) {
if (resourceName.contains(QStringLiteral("kolab"))) {
QString typeStr = cName; // contents type: "Calendar", "Tasks", etc
QString ownerStr; // folder owner: "fred", "ethel", etc
QString nameStr; // folder name: "Public", "Test", etc
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