Commit 2fb3e7d8 authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter
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in createCompleteThread(), add a crash guard in the case there is no

displayReference, like when the server connection is lost.

BUG: 311787
FIXED-IN: 4.9.5
MERGE: 4.10, master
parent 742a79f9
......@@ -955,6 +955,10 @@ void KNArticleManager::createThread( KNRemoteArticle::Ptr a )
void KNArticleManager::createCompleteThread( KNRemoteArticle::Ptr a )
KNRemoteArticle::Ptr ref = a->displayedReference();
if ( !ref ) {
KNRemoteArticle::Ptr art, top;
bool inThread=false;
bool showThreads = knGlobals.settings()->showThreads();
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