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| K O R G A N I Z E R |
version 3.3 pre
Next release: KDEPIM-3.3 (something like May 2004)
* Official 3.2 release (January 2004)
- New Features:
- Support for multiple calendars and todo lists. Korganizer can now
transparently merge calendar data from different files or other calendar
data sources for example calendars on the web. They can conveniently
activated, deactivated, added and removed from the graphical user
- Kontact integration. KOrganizer now is fully integrated with Kontact, the
complete KDE personal information management application. Within Kontact
some additional features are available like conversion of mails to events
or todos by drag and drop.
- New storage model: The notion of an active calendar was replaced by a
persistant calendar. The user doesn't have to take care of loading or
saving the calendar. Changes are immediately saved to disk. If the
calendar is changed externally it is automatically loaded and updated in
the view. A locking mechansim handles concurrent access to the calendar.
- Undo and Redo. KOrganizer now supports unlimited undo and redo.
- Todo integration with agenda view. Todos are shown in the week and day
views. Todos can be converted to events by dragging from the todo list and
dropping on the agenda view.
- Attachements for events and todos. References to web pages, local files or
mails can be attached to events and todos. The attached data can easily be
accessed by a single click from the event and todo views as well as the
summary view or the editors.
- Quick todo entry. A special input field allows to quickly create a todo
without needing to open an editor. This is especially handy for creating
multiple todos in a row.
- Quick event entry. There are several new ways to create events from the
agenda view: Per type-ahead events can be created by selecting a time
range and then simply starting to type. An editor will be opened and the
type text will be go into the summary input line. Optionally the event
editor can be opened when the time selection is finished and in addition
to the usual menu and toolbar entries there are key bindings and a context
menu to start the editor dialog.
- Plugin for Jewish calendar dates. When enabled this plugin shows the
Jewish calendar dates for each day in the calendar view.
- Improved print support. The print dialogs were rewritten. Printing now
supports colors and overlapping events.
- User interface polishing. The visual appearance of KOrganizer was improved
by a rewrite of the agenda view rendering and other enhancements like the
text fade-out when there isn't enough space to display the full text or the
graphical display of the completion state of todos. Many usability
improvements were incoreporated, like support for moving multi-day events in
the agenda view by dragging with the mouse, more complete and consistent key
bindings and context menus, better menu structure and more concise texts.
Some of these improvements were stimulated by external usability studies.
- Bug fixes. Countless bug fixes went into this version, one of them being a
fix for the session management which closes the, according to Bugzilla, most
hated bug of KOrganizer 3.1.
- Better performance. The speed of calendar loading and saving was
significantly improved and memory consumption of calendars was decreased.
- Architecture and framework:
- KOrganizer makes use of the KDE resource framework KResources which
provides uniform management of calendar, addressbook and similar
resources including generic ways to handle locking and change
notification. This also provides a plugin interface for adding resources
which makes it possible to easily extend Korganizer for example to access
groupware servers or other ways to store calendar data.
- KOrganizer configuration is now based on KConfig XT. That means that
there is an abstract XML based description of the configuration which is
used for generating the needed code to access the configuration data and
serves as base for external configuration tools.
- Simplification of alarm daemon. KOrganizer doesn't use kalarmd anymore,
it only needs the korgac daemon which also rpovides the system tray icon
for being able to notify about alarms. Run control of the alarm daemon
also was simplified, it's now all done by the context menu of the system
tray icon and doesn't need the control center anymore.
- The configuration dialog is now based on kcontrol modules. This is a
prerequisite for integrating the configuration within Kontact.
- KMail now directly supports transfer of invitations and other calendar
attachments to KOrganizer. This supercedes the korganizerIn script
- Accessing the calendar from the command line is now exclusively handled
by a native command line application, konsolekalendar.
* Official 3.1 release (January 2003)
- General:
- User-definable templates for events and todos.
- Alarms for todos.
- Automatic HTML export on save of calendar file.
- Time table print view.
- New "location" attribute for events.
- Experimental "Get Hot New Stuff" button for downloading and uploading
calendar files of common interest.
- Views:
- New "Next 3 days" view.
- Selection of time span for a new event in day and week views.
- Direct manipulation of priority, completion status and categories of todos
by context menus.
- Deletion of individual instances of recurring events.
- Rewritten month view.
- Coloring of events in month view based on categories.
- Coloring of due and overdue todos.
- Improved "What's Next" view.
- Configurable cell height in week and day views
- Group scheduling:
- iMIP group scheduling functions for todos.
- Publishing of Free/Busy information by iMIP conformant email.
- Improved automatisation of group scheduling.
- Interoperability and integration
- Support for "webcal" URLs in Konqueror.
- Support for iCalendar based drag&drop.
- KOrganizer now shares the dialogs for categories with KAddressBook.
- Improved iCalendar conformance.
- Improved right-to-left languages support.
- Bug fixes for non-latin1 encodings.
- Plugins:
- New plugin for importing birthdays from The KDE address book.
- New plugin for accessing calendar data on an Exchange server.
* Official 3.0.3 release (August 2002)
- Fixed problem caused by Qt 3.0.5 that made context menus in todo and list
view inaccessible.
* Official 3.0.2 release (June 2002)
- Bug fixes
- Respect secrecy setting in HTML export also in non-english languages.
- Insert page breaks in todo printouts when necessary.
* Official 3.0.1 release (May 2002)
- Lots of bug fixes including fixes to two major bugs:
- Fixed time shift problem which occurred sometimes when saving a calendar.
- Fixed memory leaks in loading and saving the calendar
* Official 3.0 release (March 2002)
- Bug fixes
* Beta Release 3.0beta2 (Februrary 2002)
- More group scheduling fixes
- Other bug fixes
* Beta Release 3.0beta1 (December 2001)
- Group scheduling fixes
* Alpha Release 3.0alpha1 (October 2001)
- Group scheduling
- Plugin interface
- Marcus Bain line
- Full port to Qt3/KDE3
- Major code cleanup
* Official 2.2 release (August 2001)
- Bug fixes
* Beta Release 2.2beta1 (June 2001)
- Drag&Drop of attendees from kaddressbook to korganizer
* Alpha Release 2.2alpha2 (May 2001)
- Active remote calendar
- Sending events via KMail
- Tip of the Day
- "Percent completed" setting for todos
- Bug fixes
* Alpha 1 release of version 2.2 (April 2001)
This release is mainly to try out some new technologies and get some
feedback after major reorganisation of the code.
What's new:
- Switch to iCalendar as default file format
- "What's next" view
- Journal feature
- Project view
- HTML export of month view
* Official 2.1 release (February 2001)
- Highlighting of working hours
- Todo and Month View can now use the full window
- ScrollBars of month view cells can now be turned off
- Better support for non-ascii charsets
* Official 2.0 release (October 2000)
- No more bugs to fix (sigh, I'm dreaming)
* Beta-Release 1.94 (September 2000)
- Even more bug fixes
* Beta-Release 1.93 (August 2000)
- More bug fixes
* Beta-Release 1.92 (July 2000)
- A couple of bug fixes
* Beta-Release 1.91 (June 2000)
- Full integration in KDE 2 framework
- Improved Todo-View (hierarchical todos, drag and drop, ...)
- Web Page Export
- Improved Agenda View (colored events, parallel events, ...)
- Many, many other improvements and bug fixes
* Official 1.0 release (February 1999)
KOrganizer aims to be a complete program for organizing your
appointments, contacts, projects, etc. It is in the same spirit as
similar programs like the now ubiquitous Microsoft Outlook, Starfish
Internet Sidekick, Time & Chaos, etc. (all for the Microsoft Windows
platform, of course.) Best of all, It reads and writes the vCalendar
file format NATIVELY (please see for more
information), which is now an industry-wide personal data interchange
format. Because of this, you should be able to move from other modern
PIMs to KOrganizer with relative ease. Current users of the popular
program ical should definitely take a look at KOrganizer and compare
KOrganizer also offers full synchronization with your Palm Pilot, if you
have kpilot installed.
To install KOrganizer, please read the file INSTALL. The process is
analogous to other KDE applications.
Documentation is available online from the Help->Contents menu option.
While it is not complete and has not been updated in several months,
it is at least partially helpful. Anyone wishing to help on completing
or enhancing the documentation should contact me directly at the email
address given at the end of this document.
Bugs can be reported to the KDE bug tracking system (
There you can also get information about the status of older bugs.
KOrganizer, as most other KDE 2 programs, offers a menu item "Report Bug"
in the Help menu for convenient reporting of bugs or feature requests.
Have a look at the KOrganizer homepage (
There you find news and a todo list for future KOrganizer development (of
course generated with KOrganizer itself).
We want your suggestions and comments!
Please mail them to the maintainer of KOrganizer:
Cornelius Schumacher (
I always welcome contributions and new members for the team.
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