Commit 43d9f724 authored by Andreas Sturmlechner's avatar Andreas Sturmlechner
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[kaddressbook] boost is not required

REVIEW: 127853
parent 61af9f93
......@@ -65,10 +65,6 @@ if(${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR} STREQUAL ${kaddressbook_SOURCE_DIR})
find_package(KF5AkonadiSearch "5.2.40" CONFIG REQUIRED)
set_package_properties(KF5AkonadiSearch PROPERTIES DESCRIPTION "The Akonadi Search libraries" URL "" TYPE REQUIRED PURPOSE "Provides search capabilities in KMail and Akonadi")
find_package(Boost 1.34.0)
set_package_properties(Boost PROPERTIES DESCRIPTION "Boost C++ Libraries" URL "" TYPE REQUIRED PURPOSE "Boost is required for building most KDEPIM applications")
include_directories(${kaddressbook_SOURCE_DIR} ${kaddressbook_BINARY_DIR})
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