Commit 81897c5c authored by Andre Heinecke's avatar Andre Heinecke
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Only update SEEN flag when it is the only allowed

    If the server says in the select command that a folder
    is read-write Kontact assumes that it can modify a basic
    set of flags. (See the bug for more info) But if we can
    only modify SEEN we can reuse the setSeenFlags functions.

    This is a bit of a workaround for a proper and generic handling
    of the permanentFlags but since this is only relevant for
    the old code I did not want to change more then necessary to
    solve the concrete Problem.


    CCBUG: 159296
parent c68e9c84
......@@ -1911,7 +1911,11 @@ void KMFolderImap::setStatus(QValueList<int>& _ids, KMMsgStatus status, bool tog
* \SEEN \FLAGGED while the others need to get just \SEEN. Build sets for each
* of those and sort them, so the server can handle them efficiently. */
if ( mReadOnly ) { // mUserRights is not available here
if ( mReadOnly || mPermanentFlags == 1 ) { // mUserRights is not available here
/* For our flags implementation mPermanentFlags == 1 is equal to read only
* as we are only allowed to modify the \SEEN flag. Cyrus for example
* reports Access = Read/Write even when only setting the \SEEN flag is
* allowed. */
// FIXME duplicated code in KMFolderCachedImap
QValueList<ulong> seenUids, unseenUids;
for ( QValueList<int>::ConstIterator it = ids.constBegin(); it != ids.constEnd(); ++it ) {
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