Commit cc24f881 authored by Tobias Koenig's avatar Tobias Koenig

Allow to specify a custom sender address that shall be used for SMTP.

This allows to use a different sender address than the login address for
free web mailers.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdepim/messagecomposer/; revision=1158359
parent 1469d052
......@@ -672,7 +672,11 @@ void Message::ComposerViewBase::slotQueueResult( KJob *job )
void Message::ComposerViewBase::fillQueueJobHeaders( MailTransport::MessageQueueJob* qjob, KMime::Message::Ptr message, const Message::InfoPart* infoPart )
qjob->addressAttribute().setFrom( KPIMUtils::extractEmailAddress( infoPart->from() ) );
MailTransport::Transport *transport = MailTransport::TransportManager::self()->transportById( infoPart->transportId() );
if ( transport && transport->specifySenderOverwriteAddress() )
qjob->addressAttribute().setFrom( KPIMUtils::extractEmailAddress( transport->senderOverwriteAddress() ) );
qjob->addressAttribute().setFrom( KPIMUtils::extractEmailAddress( infoPart->from() ) );
// if this header is not empty, it contains the real recipient of the message, either the primary or one of the
// secondary recipients. so we set that to the transport job, while leaving the message itself alone.
if( message->hasHeader( "X-KMail-EncBccRecipients" ) ) {
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