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Commit 0d28264b authored by Sergio Martins's avatar Sergio Martins

knode: Fix failing unit-test in KDE CI setup

parent 5b75bbec
......@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ void KNodeTest::testUtilitiesLocale()
QMap<QString, QString> kcharsetVsMime;
kcharsetVsMime.insert( "Big5", "BIG5" );
kcharsetVsMime.insert( "Big5-HKSCS", "BIG5-HKSCS" );
kcharsetVsMime.insert( "cp 949", "CP949" ); // Not IANA but present in KDE's CI machine
kcharsetVsMime.insert( "cp 1250", "WINDOWS-1250" );
kcharsetVsMime.insert( "cp 1251", "WINDOWS-1251" );
kcharsetVsMime.insert( "cp 1252", "WINDOWS-1252" );
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