Commit 99088965 authored by Thorsten Staerk's avatar Thorsten Staerk

Use same timezone for dtStart and dtEnd.

parent 718244c1
......@@ -906,10 +906,7 @@ void timetrackerstorage::stopTimer( const Task* task, const QDateTime &when )
if (!(*i)->hasEndDate())
kDebug(5970) << "this event has no enddate";
QString s=when.toString("yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss.zzzZ"); // need the KDE standard from the ISO standard, not the QT one
KDateTime kwhen=KDateTime::fromString(s);
kDebug() << "kwhen ==" << kwhen;
(*i)->setDtEnd(KDateTime(when, KDateTime::Spec::LocalZone()));
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