Commit 9d52b22b authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

KMail: Fix scrolling up/down on the message viewer

The new style connection for signals does not support default arguments so

connect(mScrollUpAction, &QAction::triggered,
            q, &Viewer::slotScrollUp);

Connects the version of triggered(bool) with slotScrollUp meaning that slotScrollUp always gets a 0 since the action is never checked.

This breaks the API but the widget is only used internally so i think it's something we can live on.

REVIEW: 125565
parent 74d26352
......@@ -203,16 +203,16 @@ void Viewer::slotSaveMessage()
void Viewer::slotScrollUp(int pixels)
void Viewer::slotScrollUp()
void Viewer::slotScrollDown(int pixels)
void Viewer::slotScrollDown()
bool Viewer::atBottom() const
......@@ -399,8 +399,8 @@ public Q_SLOTS:
* Scrolling always happens in the direction of the slot that is called. I.e.
* the methods take the absolute value of
void slotScrollUp(int pixels = 10);
void slotScrollDown(int pixels = 10);
void slotScrollUp();
void slotScrollDown();
void slotScrollPrior();
void slotScrollNext();
void slotJumpDown();
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