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Commit b9c96887 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Fix Bug 342744 - Put into trash and delete mail should not have the same icon

FIXED-IN: 14.12.2
BUG: 342744
parent 82115b35
......@@ -4003,8 +4003,9 @@ void KMMainWidget::updateFolderMenu()
bool isInTrashFolder = (mCurrentFolder && CommonKernel->folderIsTrash(mCurrentFolder->collection()));
akonadiStandardAction( Akonadi::StandardMailActionManager::MoveToTrash )->setText( isInTrashFolder ? i18nc("@action Hard delete, bypassing trash", "&Delete"): i18n("&Move to Trash") );
akonadiStandardAction( Akonadi::StandardMailActionManager::MoveToTrash )->setIcon( isInTrashFolder ? KIcon(QLatin1String("edit-delete")) : KIcon(QLatin1String("user-trash") ));
mTrashThreadAction->setText(isInTrashFolder ?i18n("Delete T&hread"): i18n("M&ove Thread to Trash"));
mTrashThreadAction->setIcon(isInTrashFolder ? KIcon(QLatin1String("edit-delete") ) : KIcon(QLatin1String("user-trash") ) );
mSearchMessages->setText( (mCurrentFolder && mCurrentFolder->collection().resource() == QLatin1String( "akonadi_search_resource" )) ? i18n("Edit Search...") : i18n("&Find Messages...") );
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