1. 16 Nov, 2012 4 commits
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      Cache KDateTime in SocialFeedItem · 50d17671
      Martin Klapetek authored
      SocialFeedItem::postTime() is accessed directly from the model
      and it's called a lot, putting the plasmoid through callgrind
      shows that creating the KDateTime everyone it's called is quite
      expensive, so now it's created just once and the existing
      KDateTime is returned.
      I also removed the setters for postTimeString and postTimeFormat
      and left only one setter for setting them both at once, creating
      the KDateTime in that method as it needs both the format and string.
      Reviewed-by: Kevin Krammer
      REVIEW: 107113
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      Fix search i18n · 53a15b44
      Laurent Montel authored
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      Optimize Contact Search Job Queries · 69f53dbf
      Vishesh Handa authored
      Some of the contact search job queries are pathological, and would
      result in virtuoso consuming a lot of cpu for large amounts of time.
      I've optimized the queries by doing the following -
      * Not adding a "?r a nco:Contact" term. This is unnecessary as it
        results in an extra property being matched. Considering that Nepomuk
        data almost always follows the ontologies (the exception is legacy
        data), just using properties which have a domain of nco:Contact should
        guarantee the correct results.
      * Avoid unions - Virtuoso cannot optimize the unions that well. Instead
        we use a FILTER(?p in (..)) instead.
      * Avoding regex based search - Regex based search will always be
        terribly slow. It literally applies the regular expression on each
        candidate in order to filter them out. It's a lot better to use the
        full text index. This is done using 'bif:contains'. We do loose a
        little bit of accuracy, and we cannot match word boundaries. But I
        think have a good user experience trumps a little bit of accuracy.
      REVIEW: 107065
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      bump version · b0a225c5
      Christophe Giboudeaux authored
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