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Commit b62b5862 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Fix Bug 341096 - Reminder: Offers Mail link, but does not add mailto:

FIXED-IN: 14.12.2

Bug is in resources/birthday but we can't fix all created item.
In birtday we create emails as "name <>" with kabc::fullName()

and in htmlAddMailtoLink() we recall name <>
=> it creates it as "name <name <>>
 => too bad.

=> extract when we get EMAIL-1 directly

I will fix resource birtday too but this code is still necessary for old item stored
parent ac6fc3fb
......@@ -537,11 +537,13 @@ static QString displayViewFormatBirthday(Event::Ptr event)
return QString();
QString uid_1 = event->customProperty("KABC", "UID-1");
QString name_1 = event->customProperty("KABC", "NAME-1");
QString email_1= event->customProperty("KABC", "EMAIL-1");
const QString uid_1 = event->customProperty("KABC", "UID-1");
const QString name_1 = event->customProperty("KABC", "NAME-1");
const QString email_1= event->customProperty("KABC", "EMAIL-1");
QString tmpStr = displayViewFormatPerson(email_1, name_1, uid_1, QString());
KCalCore::Person::Ptr p = Person::fromFullName(email_1);
const QString tmpStr = displayViewFormatPerson(p->email(), name_1, uid_1, QString());
return tmpStr;
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