Commit c4f3c8ce authored by Vishesh Handa's avatar Vishesh Handa
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StorageService: Do not register the DBusInterface

We do not need the /org/soprano/Server dbus interface. No one uses it,
and we land up spawning an extra thread for this dbus interface (Soprano

Additionally, they have been crashes when removing the dbus interface thread.

BUG: 304452
FIXED-IN: 4.9.1
REVIEW: 105833
parent 17314a0f
......@@ -61,10 +61,6 @@ void Nepomuk2::Storage::slotNepomukCoreInitialized( bool success )
if ( success ) {
kDebug() << "Successfully initialized nepomuk core";
// the core is initialized. Export it to the clients.
// the D-Bus interface
// the faster local socket interface
QString socketPath = KGlobal::dirs()->locateLocal( "socket", "nepomuk-socket" );
QFile::remove( socketPath ); // in case we crashed
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