Commit 5fee138a authored by Lamarque Souza's avatar Lamarque Souza
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Do not send the interfaceRemoved signal if NM stopped or crashed. If it

has crashed we can crash too if we send the interfaceRemoved signal here.

BUG: 296740
parent b58c105a
......@@ -341,14 +341,7 @@ void NMNetworkManagerNm09::nameOwnerChanged(QString name, QString oldOwner, QStr
if ( !oldOwner.isEmpty() && newOwner.isEmpty() ) {
// In case NM has crashed and networkInterfaceRemoved signals have not being emitted.
foreach(const QString & path, d->networkInterfaces) {
emit networkInterfaceRemoved(path);
// NetworkManager stopped, set status Unknown for safety
// NetworkManager stopped or crashed, set status Unknown for safety
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