Commit d4619707 authored by Lamarque Souza's avatar Lamarque Souza
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Backport fix for disconnecting auto-connect connections to master branch


BUG: 274846
parent 8458aace
......@@ -267,10 +267,14 @@ void NMDBusSettingsService::interfaceConnectionDeactivated()
Solid::Control::NetworkInterface *iface = Solid::Control::NetworkManager::findNetworkInterface(ic->deviceUni());
if (iface) {
} else {
} else { // VPN connections do have NetworkInterface objects.
QDBusInterface devIface(QLatin1String(NM_DBUS_SERVICE), ic->deviceUni(), "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device", QDBusConnection::systemBus());"Disconnect");
// The command above does not work for VPN connections, this one does.
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