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  • 4.4.3
    Tagging Phonon 4.4.3
  • 4.4.2
    Phonon v4.4.2
    Colin Guthrie (9):
          build: Bump version to 4.4.2 post 4.4.1 release.
          xine: Initialise volume to 1.
          pulse: Fix the reading of stream information on startup.
          pulse: Make a couple of the callbacks static. Not sure how I missed these ones out before.
          pulse: Hopefully solve erronious error message relating to notifications and startup.
          pulse: Some signal emission protection and some debug tweaks.
          gstreamer: Rejig the PulseAudio detection and handling a little.
          gstreamer: Move some code inside pointer protection.
          pulse: D'oh. logMessage() doesn't exist when there is no PA support
          gstreamer: Fix gstreamer build after CMake rework in 1e3a6c
    Justin McPherson (1):
          Update MMF backend.
    Martin T. H. Sandsmark (5):
          force phonon-xine to fail on http and https urls, forcing the use of kio for those. should help fix html5 video on youtube in khtml, which requires cookies.
          Stupid fix was stupid and breaks streaming in a lot of cases and if KIO     isn't available , but shows that it can work if we do it properly.     Revert "force phonon-xine to fail on http and https urls, forcing the use of kio for those. should help fix html5 video on youtube in khtml, which requires cookies."
    Yury G. Kudryashov (1):
          Find include directories as well
  • 4.4.1
    Phonon v4.4.1
    APTX (2):
          Add EVR to the Phonon DirectShow9 (ds9) backend as the default.
          Add Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) to the Phonon DiretctShow9 (ds9) backend as the new preferred renderer.
    Andreas Hartmetz (3):
          add missing include
          Now with even more compilingness.
          Now, after the compile fixes without PA, *actually compile* without PA.
    Colin Guthrie (19):
          pulsesupport: Only process stream moves if the stream exists.
          audiooutput: Handle stream moves from lower down the audio stack.
          audiooutput: If an device override is in effect, do not pander to priority list preferences
          gstreamer: Include all supported mime types.
          pulse: Rework the connection probing logic.
          pulse: Remove no longer needed QEventLoop header
          pulse: Remove a logical impossibility.
          pulse: Only create the generic devices during the probe phase.
          volumeslider: Improve the feedback loop protection.
          volumeslider: Ignore the first volume change observation.
          pulse: Add a new PulseStream class
          pulse: Implement support for per-application volume control.
          pulse: Add some extra debug relating to volume/mute changes
          pulse: Ensure the backend object is created before checking that PA is active
          pulse: Some more debug
          pulse: Compile fixes for when pulseaudio is not found.
          pulse: Reconnect the PA control channel if disconnected.
          pulse: Fix UTF8 Encoding issues.
          Bump version: 4.4.1
    David Faure (1):
          Documentation and whitespace fixes in phonon
    Dmytro Poplavskiy (1):
          Fixes: Fixed incorrect tracks number calculation with phonon/gst RevBy: Andrew den Exter
    Frans Englich (1):
          Load Helix backend before loading the Phonon backend.
    Gareth Stockwell (1):
          Fixed typo in Phonon::EffectWidget implementation
    Harald Fernengel (2):
          Squashed commit of the topic/exceptions branch.
    Jens Bache-Wiig (1):
          Fix a crash in Phonon::EffectWidget
    Joerg Bornemann (1):
          fix crash in Phonon::DS9 backend
    Jørgen Lind (7):
          Added QT_NO_PHONON_EFFECT to gstreamer backend
          Fix QT_NO_PROPERTIES
          Fix QT_NO_PHONON_VIDEO
    Martin T. H. Sandsmark (14):
          import changes to waveout backend from Qt's tree
          import the mmf backend from the qt repository
          buildfix from sloppily applied patch
          correct copyright headers for the new evr renderer
          add the new renderer to cmake
          disable PulseAudio integration if the glib event loop is disabled
          steal llunak's superior glib event loop detection
          reverse check in glib event loop detection.
          Merge branch 'master' of
          fix emitting of metaDataChanged() in ogg streams.     CCBUG: 199327
          bump version
          Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/4' of git:// into integration
          bump required Qt version in the cmakelists
    Matthias Kretz (1):
          the examples dir is gone, so the build option has to leave, too
    Mike Arthur (1):
          Add support for using frameworks on OSX.
    Nicolas Lécureuil (1):
          Fix decodebin and playbin usage
    Patrick Spendrin (1):
          add file also on CMake based builds
    Robert Griebl (1):
          Make Qt exception safer.
    Rohan McGovern (1):
          Fixed compile.
    Thiago Macieira (6):
          Make way for lowercase-p headers
          Add lowercase-p version of the includes. Install them to the     lowercase-p directory too.
          Update Xine includes to use lowercase-p too
          Update Phonon documentation to say the headers are supposed to be in lowercase-p dirs too
          Fix Phonon compilation with a namespaced Qt.
          Fix build on Symbian and Windows.
    Thierry Bastian (15):
          Phonon::VolumeSlider: Fixed the isMuteVisiblefunction
          Phonon: Some work done on binary size
          Fixed an assert that could happen when the mediaSource is deleted
          QVariant: more work on avoinding conversion between float and doubles
          Fixed a crash when configuring an audio effect with the Phonon dialog
          Fixed a flicker when switching current source in Phonon::MediaObject
          Fix Phonon's video renderer on windows with opengl
          Fixed aspect ratio on Windows
          Phonon: avoids assert when switching source
          Phonon: Fixed a possible race condition
          Phonon: fixed a big memory leak on Windows
          Phonon: On windows, cross fading was broken
          Phonon::VideoWidget still flickering
          Phonon: Video widget on Windows flickers when going to next video
          Phonon videos on windows would not show with video acceleration disabled
    axis (1):
          Changed names and URLs to reflect name change.
    miniak (1):
          src/3rdparty/phonon: Remove QT_WA and non-Unicode code paths, dropping Win9x and NT support
    unknown (1):
          Fixes a deadlock occurring with certain DirectShow filters when stopping a streamed video (see QTBUG-8420 for test code and video).
  • 4.4.0
    The 4.4.0 release