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Updated dependency information

BUG: 314042
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Please compile Simon with the provided script.
For full functionality Julius (, the
HTK ( or SPHINX ( may be required.
There are the following dependencies.
Required build-time dependency:
1. KDE libraries and workspace (4.8 or newer)
Optional build-time dependencies:
1. KDE Pim Libs . Enables the optional command plugin "Akonadi" that allows
Simon to trigger commands at certain times and to use Simon dialogs as
calendar reminders.
2. LibSampleRate ( If you build Simon with LibSampleRate support, it can
automatically resample audio in- and output for devices that don't support the
required configuration.
3. qaccessibilityclient ( Enables the experimental ATSPI integration.
4. Sphinxbase, PocketSphinx, SphinxTrain ( Together, they enable SPHINX support in Simon
(model compilation and recognition).
5. OpenCV ( Enables the face detection and lip detection context plugins.
Optional runtime dependencies:
Julius ( and the HTK
( enable the use of HTK models when installed.
Please refer to the manual for more information.
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