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    Port service menus to KFileItemAction · c369264d
    Elvis Angelaccio authored
    The Compress and Extract service menus shown in Dolphin's context menu are now
    provided by two new KFileItemAction plugins. This allows us to do a lot of
    useful checks before actually showing the actions in the context menu.
    We can also stop hardcoding the supported mimetypes for the Extract
    menu. This is actually required in order to support the Extract menu when more
    than one archive is selected. In this case Dolphin sends to the kfileitemaction
    plugins the
    generic 'application/octet-stream' mimetype, so we have to manually check
    anyway the mimetype of any given URL (to be sure that Ark supports it).
    This also paves the way to dynamically generate the service menus (e.g. based
    on some kind of user preset).
    BUG: 189177
    BUG: 268163
    FIXED-IN: 16.08.0
    CCBUG: 348582
    Differential Revision: D1761
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