Commit 0f8bf1f6 authored by Elvis Angelaccio's avatar Elvis Angelaccio

arkui: fix validation

The DefineGroup element has no such attribute named `append`.

This fixes validation of arkui.rc, according to:

$ xmllint --noout --valid arkui.rc

(needs kxmlgui/src/kpartgui.dtd copied in the same folder)
parent d712c1d4
......@@ -7,19 +7,19 @@
<Action name="ark_file_open"/>
<Action name="ark_file_open_recent"/>
<DefineGroup name="file_save" append="save_merge"/>
<DefineGroup name="file_save"/>
<DefineGroup name="archive_extract" append="save_merge"/>
<DefineGroup name="archive_extract"/>
<DefineGroup name="archive_edit" append="save_merge"/>
<DefineGroup name="archive_edit"/>
<DefineGroup name="archive_props" append="save_merge"/>
<DefineGroup name="archive_props"/>
<Action name="ark_quit"/>
<Menu name="settings">
<DefineGroup name="settings_show" append="show_merge"/>
<DefineGroup name="settings_show"/>
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