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Clarify scope and purpose of Delete action

The action to remove files from the archive uses the word "Delete",
which is a scary word and does not clarify its scope at all; it could
conceivably delete the whole archive, or delete selected files from
outside the archive. In fact all the action does is remove the
selected files from the archive; the user's files outside the archive
are safe.

This commit renames the action to communicate its scope and purpose
more clearly.
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......@@ -412,6 +412,7 @@ void Part::setupActions()
m_renameFileAction = KStandardAction::renameFile(m_view, &ArchiveView::renameSelectedEntry, actionCollection());
m_deleteFilesAction = KStandardAction::deleteFile(this, &Part::slotDeleteFiles, actionCollection());
m_deleteFilesAction->setText(i18nc("@action", "Remove from Archive"));
actionCollection()->setDefaultShortcut(m_deleteFilesAction, Qt::Key_Delete);
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