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Group identically-scoped buttons on Toolbar

Right now Ark's viewer window toolbar contains buttons with different
scopes: some operate on the full contents of the view, while others
operate on the set of selected items. The ones with a selection-scope
correctly disable themselves when nothing is selected, which is good.
However they are not grouped together; instead they are intermixed with
the global-scope actions. This is slightly confusing.

This commit fixes that by grouping the global-scope actions and the
selection-scope actions together, and separates the groups with a
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<!DOCTYPE gui SYSTEM "kpartgui.dtd">
<gui name="ark_part" version="23" translationDomain="ark">
<gui name="ark_part" version="24" translationDomain="ark">
<Menu name="archive">
......@@ -33,11 +33,11 @@
<ToolBar name="mainToolBar">
<text>Main Toolbar</text>
<Action name="extract"/>
<Action name="preview"/>
<Action name="openfile"/>
<Action name="add"/>
<Action name="edit_find"/>
<Action name="add"/>
<Action name="preview"/>
<Action name="openfile"/>
<Action name="deletefile"/>
<Menu name="context_menu">
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