Commit 43008ab1 authored by Ragnar Thomsen's avatar Ragnar Thomsen
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libarchiveplugin: Show progress in percentage when listing archives

Use the archive_filter_bytes() function in libarchive to get number of
read bytes. This enables us to calculate progress in percentage when
listing an archive with this plugin.

Differential Revision: D2939
parent 8cb82c36
......@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ bool LibarchivePlugin::list()
m_cachedArchiveEntryCount = 0;
m_extractedFilesSize = 0;
qulonglong compressedArchiveSize = QFileInfo(filename()).size();
struct archive_entry *aentry;
int result = ARCHIVE_RETRY;
......@@ -79,6 +80,8 @@ bool LibarchivePlugin::list()
m_extractedFilesSize += (qlonglong)archive_entry_size(aentry);
emit progress(float(archive_filter_bytes(, -1))/float(compressedArchiveSize));
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