Commit 68f9dadb authored by Elvis Angelaccio's avatar Elvis Angelaccio
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libzip: drop redundant get() calls

unique_ptr has an `operator bool`, so they are not needed.
parent bcc40c12
......@@ -675,9 +675,9 @@ bool LibzipPlugin::extractEntry(zip_t *archive, const QString &entry, const QStr
// Handle password-protected files.
std::unique_ptr<zip_file, decltype(&zip_fclose)> zipFile { nullptr, &zip_fclose };
bool firstTry = true;
while (!zipFile.get()) {
while (!zipFile) {
zipFile.reset(zip_fopen(archive, entry.toUtf8().constData(), 0));
if (zipFile.get()) {
if (zipFile) {
} else if (zip_error_code_zip(zip_get_error(archive)) == ZIP_ER_NOPASSWD ||
zip_error_code_zip(zip_get_error(archive)) == ZIP_ER_WRONGPASSWD) {
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