Commit 7ba251b1 authored by Ilya Pominov's avatar Ilya Pominov Committed by Elvis Angelaccio
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Fix ExtractJob warnings

- warning: c++11 range-loop might detach Qt container (QVector) [clazy-
- warning: comparison of integers of different signs: 'qulonglong' (aka
'unsigned long long') and 'qint64' (aka 'long long')
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......@@ -554,13 +554,13 @@ void ExtractJob::doWork()
<< "Options:" << m_options;
qulonglong totalUncompressedSize = 0;
for (Archive::Entry *entry : m_entries) {
for (Archive::Entry *entry : qAsConst(m_entries)) {
totalUncompressedSize += entry->size();
QStorageInfo destinationStorage(m_destinationDir);
if (totalUncompressedSize > destinationStorage.bytesAvailable()) {
if (totalUncompressedSize > static_cast<qulonglong>(destinationStorage.bytesAvailable())) {
onError(xi18n("No space available on device <filename>%1</filename>", m_destinationDir), QString(), Kerfuffle::DestinationNotWritableError);
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