Commit ad31f89e authored by Ragnar Thomsen's avatar Ragnar Thomsen

Fix adding subfolders to RAR archives

When adding folders to RAR archives, any subfolders were not added. This
was due to a trailing slash added to the path of subfolders, which
caused rar to not add these to the archive.

BUG: 365323
FIXED-IN: 16.08.0
Differential Revision: D2197
parent 4a8d9ea2
......@@ -1175,24 +1175,13 @@ void Part::slotAddFiles(const QStringList& filesToAdd, const QString& path)
qCDebug(ARK) << "Adding " << filesToAdd << " to " << path;
// Add a trailing slash to directories.
QStringList cleanFilesToAdd(filesToAdd);
for (int i = 0; i < cleanFilesToAdd.size(); ++i) {
QString& file = cleanFilesToAdd[i];
if (QFileInfo(file).isDir()) {
if (!file.endsWith(QLatin1Char( '/' ))) {
file += QLatin1Char( '/' );
// GlobalWorkDir is used by AddJob and should contain the part of the
// absolute path of files to be added that should NOT be included in the
// directory structure within the archive.
// Example: We add file "/home/user/somedir/somefile.txt" and want the file
// to have the relative path within the archive "somedir/somefile.txt".
// GlobalWorkDir is then: "/home/user"
QString globalWorkDir = cleanFilesToAdd.first();
QString globalWorkDir = filesToAdd.first();
// path represents the path of the file within the archive. This needs to
// be removed from globalWorkDir, otherwise the files will be added to the
......@@ -1214,7 +1203,7 @@ void Part::slotAddFiles(const QStringList& filesToAdd, const QString& path)
qCDebug(ARK) << "Detected GlobalWorkDir to be " << globalWorkDir;
options[QStringLiteral("GlobalWorkDir")] = globalWorkDir;
AddJob *job = m_model->addFiles(cleanFilesToAdd, options);
AddJob *job = m_model->addFiles(filesToAdd, options);
if (!job) {
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