Commit b0363257 authored by Ragnar Thomsen's avatar Ragnar Thomsen

Add children when quick-extracting a folder

Quick-extraction should work similar to "Extract To..." and drag'n'drop
parent 762c0d74
......@@ -620,8 +620,7 @@ void Part::slotQuickExtractFiles(QAction *triggeredAction)
Kerfuffle::ExtractionOptions options;
options[QStringLiteral("PreservePaths")] = true;
QList<QVariant> files = filesAndRootNodesForIndexes(m_view->selectionModel()->selectedRows());
ExtractJob *job = m_model->extractFiles(files, finalDestinationDirectory, options);
ExtractJob *job = m_model->extractFiles(filesAndRootNodesForIndexes(addChildren(m_view->selectionModel()->selectedRows())), finalDestinationDirectory, options);
connect(job, &KJob::result,
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