Commit eeee61d2 authored by Ragnar Thomsen's avatar Ragnar Thomsen
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Forward errors from archive interface when batch-extracting

Errors from ExtractJob are not handled when called as a subjob of
BatchExtractJob. This can result in silently failing extractions.

CCBUG: 387996
Differential Revision: D28721
parent ec320540
......@@ -411,6 +411,7 @@ void BatchExtractJob::slotLoadingFinished(KJob *job)
if (m_extractJob) {
connect(m_extractJob, &KJob::result, this, &BatchExtractJob::emitResult);
connect(m_extractJob, &Kerfuffle::Job::userQuery, this, &BatchExtractJob::userQuery);
connect(archiveInterface(), &ReadOnlyArchiveInterface::error, this, &BatchExtractJob::onError);
if (archiveInterface()->hasBatchExtractionProgress()) {
// The LoadJob is done, change slot and start setting the percentage from m_lastPercentage on.
disconnect(archiveInterface(), &ReadOnlyArchiveInterface::progress, this, &BatchExtractJob::slotLoadingProgress);
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