Commit fa467314 authored by Eike Hein's avatar Eike Hein
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Try to handle URLs and resolve to local path in D-Bus extraction service.

parent 469feea8
......@@ -197,22 +197,37 @@ void Part::registerJob(KJob* job)
connect(job, &KJob::result, this, &Part::ready);
// TODO: One should construct a KUrl out of localPath in order to be able to handle
// non-local destinations (ie. trash:/ or a remote location)
// See bugs #189322 and #204323.
// TODO: KIO::mostLocalHere is used here to resolve some KIO URLs to local
// paths (e.g. desktop:/), but more work is needed to support extraction
// to non-local destinations. See bugs #189322 and #204323.
void Part::extractSelectedFilesTo(const QString& localPath)
qCDebug(ARK) << "Extract to" << localPath;
if (!m_model) {
const QUrl url(localPath);
KIO::StatJob* statJob = nullptr;
if (!url.scheme().isEmpty()) {
statJob = KIO::mostLocalUrl(url);
if (!statJob->exec() || statJob->error() != 0) {
const QString destination = statJob ? statJob->statResult().stringValue(KIO::UDSEntry::UDS_LOCAL_PATH) : localPath;
delete statJob;
qCDebug(ARK) << "Extract to" << destination;
Kerfuffle::ExtractionOptions options;
options[QStringLiteral("PreservePaths")] = true;
options[QStringLiteral("RemoveRootNode")] = true;
// Create and start the ExtractJob.
ExtractJob *job = m_model->extractFiles(filesAndRootNodesForIndexes(addChildren(m_view->selectionModel()->selectedRows())), localPath, options);
ExtractJob *job = m_model->extractFiles(filesAndRootNodesForIndexes(addChildren(m_view->selectionModel()->selectedRows())), destination, options);
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