1. 12 Jul, 2015 7 commits
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  5. 04 Jun, 2015 2 commits
    • Ragnar Thomsen's avatar
      Implement a cancelled() signal to fix cancellation of password dialogs · 8dd0b02a
      Ragnar Thomsen authored
      Implement a cancelled() signal in ReadOnlyArchiveInterface. This signal
      is emitted in CliInterface when the user cancels a password dialog. The
      signal is connected to a slot in Job which sets KJob::error to
      The callers (Part and BatchExtract) are modified to do nothing if the
      error code is KJob::KilledJobError when running ListJobs/ExtractJobs/
      AddJobs/DeleteJobs. This fixes an issue where the user cancels the
      "Enter password" dialog and the UI keeps being blocked and/or error
      messageboxes appear.
      BUG: 267670
      FIXED-IN: 15.07.80
      REVIEW: 123967
    • Ragnar Thomsen's avatar
      Improve hide/show logic for information panel · 7370acf3
      Ragnar Thomsen authored
      The logic governing hiding/showing of the infopanel as well as
      storing/retrieving the size of the QSplitter was reworked into a more
      intuitive and simple approach. A configuration option "showInfoPanel" of
      type bool was added, which stores whether or not the infopanel should be
      shown. The option "splitterSizesWithBothWidgets" was removed, since it's
      no longer needed. Default values of "splitterSizes" are now set in the
      kcfg file, instead of in part/part.cpp.
      REVIEW: 123980
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  8. 31 May, 2015 4 commits
  9. 30 May, 2015 5 commits
    • Lasse Liehu's avatar
      Remove ellipsis from job name "Extracting file..." · 5168dd00
      Lasse Liehu authored
      REVIEW: 122001
      (cherry picked from commit cac55e09)
      Forward-port of commit cac55e09 from
    • Ragnar Thomsen's avatar
      Implement a cancelled() signal for CliInterface · ee006cb6
      Ragnar Thomsen authored
      Add a cancelled() signal for ReadOnlyArchiveInterface and implement it
      for CliInterface. Previously, when the user tried to preview a file in a
      password-protected zip archive and then cancelled the password dialog,
      the ExtractJob would not be given a finished() signal and SetReadyGui()
      would not be triggered in the KPart leading to the UI appearing to be
      loading indefinitely. Now, finished() is called for the ExtractJob when
      the password dialog is cancelled but cancelled() is used to signal to
      the KPart not to open a viewer in this case.
    • Ragnar Thomsen's avatar
      Fix password never being asked again after a wrong one has been entered · 8492cc21
      Ragnar Thomsen authored
      Previously, if the user entered a wrong password for a password-
      protected archive, Ark would remember that a wrong password had been
      entered and had to be closed down to allow entering the password again.
      This commit fixes this issue by presenting the "Enter password" dialog
      again when the user attempts some action that requires access to the
      password-protected files.
      BUG: 297820
      FIXED-IN: 15.07.80
      REVIEW: 123358
    • Ragnar Thomsen's avatar
      singlefileplugin: KFilterDev::deviceForFile() -> KCompressionDevice · 269b4a6e
      Ragnar Thomsen authored
      Replace usage of deprecated KFilterDev::deviceForFile() with
      KCompressionDevice in the singlefileplugin.
    • Ragnar Thomsen's avatar
      Raise required KF5 version to 5.6.0 · a6e4586b
      Ragnar Thomsen authored
      DndPopupMenuPlugin was introduced in KIO 5.6.0.
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