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Commit a3db7e0c authored by Elvis Angelaccio's avatar Elvis Angelaccio

Add apidox for ReadWriteArchiveInterface::addFiles()

parent d5fdd114
......@@ -220,6 +220,15 @@ public:
bool isReadOnly() const override;
* Adds the given @p files under the given @p destination.
* If @p destination is null, the files will be added under the root of the archive.
* @param options The compression options that must be respected.
* @param numberOfEntriesToAdd The total number of entries the will be added.
* @return Whether the operation succeeded.
* @note If returning false, make sure to emit the error() signal beforewards to notify
* the user of the error condition.
virtual bool addFiles(const QVector<Archive::Entry*> &files, const Archive::Entry *destination, const CompressionOptions& options, uint numberOfEntriesToAdd = 0) = 0;
virtual bool moveFiles(const QVector<Archive::Entry*> &files, Archive::Entry *destination, const CompressionOptions& options) = 0;
virtual bool copyFiles(const QVector<Archive::Entry*> &files, Archive::Entry *destination, const CompressionOptions& options) = 0;
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